To understand which methods are suitable for you, as well as to come up with your own methods, you need to familiarize yourself with how the system works in the article «Link shortening system».

This article will look at specific examples and schemes for making money. If you want to know about the main stages, visit the article «The initial stages of monetization».

Sites reviews

The idea behind this method is to publish videos about interesting and funny sites. Instead of websites, there can be films, videos, programs and other similar content. The most important thing is that the user wants to visit this site. For example, we will take This is a site where you can generate cool beats.

Site to generate your beats

After we have found the necessary link to the site, we shorten it in the personal account. We get a short link of a format Ads are disabled in this link, as link were created for example. On link usual redirection takes place.

The next it remains for us to shoot an interesting tiktok with a review of this site, which will be included in the recommendations and will collect many views. Also, in the video itself, you must add your shortened link, for example «», so that the viewer opens the browser and rewrites it into the address bar.

After clicking on this link, the user will be taken to the advertising page, and then to the site you specified, and you will be credited with payment for the conversion.

Unique content

This method is suitable for people who create their own unique content. It can be a video, music, webinar, article, or a link to your social network. Our task is to leave this link in the header of our profile and attract people through our videos.

But here we are faced with the issue of integrated browser TikTok. After all, the platform itself does not allow opening links through the integrated browser, which prevents the use of advertising algorithms. To solve this problem, we need to use links of a special format.

Let's take a short link as an example «». To get around TikTok restrictions, you need to add «W» to this link first to get «». We add a link of this format to the header of our TikTok account.

Special link format for profile header

What have we done? Now, when the user enters this short link, he will be written «Copy the required URL and open in a browser.» This means we completely bypassed the limitation that the platform created for us.

Continuation through..

If you often use TikTok, then you have probably seen videos in which the author creates a strong intrigue, and then says, for example, that the sequel will be published in 24 hours. These videos are gaining hundreds and millions of views. This is the method you can use to generate huge income.

All you need is to come up with an idea for a video, collect a lot of views and intrigue people. The next the «Continuation» of your intrigue on another site, for example Telegram, YouTube, Instagram and shorten the resulting link. After that, you need to add a shortened link in a new video so that users can manually rewrite it in the browser of a mobile phone or computer. The more people will open your link, the more you will earn.


You need to shorten links and attract users to them. It all depends on your originality and ingenuity. Considering TikTok technology, it is quite easy to collect more than 10,000 visits on links using the exit to recommendation. This means that for each video you earn from $100, which will fully form your passive income.