If you do not know what shortening of links is and how our service works, read the article «Link shortening system».

Where to begin

To create large passive income, you need 3 things. It links with your varied content, ideas for video and visitors, who will follow your links.


The first necessary step to start making money is the URL where your content will be posted. This can be a link to a movie, music, your site, game, program, file, social network, community or any other resource that your subscribers will want to visit.


The second step is to create an idea with which your subscribers will want to follow your links. In simple words, you need to rec TikTok, with the help of which people will want to get to some unique resource.


The third stage is getting visitors. If you want to receive visits from a video, then the short link must be «written» in the video itself, so that the viewer opens the browser and rewrites the short URL manually. An alternative is to place the link in the profile header, but you must bypass the built-in web browser. How to do this read the article «How to bypass TikTok and Instagram browser».

These are all the main steps to start making money on your TikTok. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with some schemes and methods of earnings described in the article «TikTok monetization methods».

If you do not shoot TikTok videos, then there is an alternative way of making money for you - the referral system. We offer you up to 40% profit from the income of users whom you have invited to our service. Read more in the article «Referral system».