In order to start making money on our unique referral system, You only need advertising tools.

Income generation

Your income will be generated in a very simple way. In your personal account, in the «Invitations» section, there is a special referral link. If a user registers with it, he will become your referral. After that, you will always receive up to 40% of his income.

The target audience

Since our service offers traffic monetization, you need to attract people who want to monetize their audience and popularity. These can be any bloggers and communities that share links with their audience. For example: Bloggers who review programs, sites or files on Youtube, Telegram or TikTok; Sites that host unique content, various schemes and articles; Owners of various information resources or communities.

Invitation ways

There are 3 popular and effective ways to attract new referrals. These are video reviews, manual selection and advertising campaign. Let's briefly describe each method.

Video reviews — if you are a blogger, you are in luck. You already have the tools and audience, among which there will certainly be people who will find our service suitable. To attract people, you need to rec a review, tell a little about our system and leave your referral link in the description.

Manual selection — sometimes the main thing is not quantity, but quality. One invited user can bring you hundreds of dollars monthly income. To do this, you need to manually search for people who will be interested in monetizing their traffic. Connect with them via email or social networks. If you bring a blogger or a major Internet resource — write us, after all, with your help, we can guarantee a blogger a privilege that will increase income. And we can increase the percentage of income from invited users.

Advertising campaign — it is creating advertisements using your personal budget. Banner advertising, native and contextual, on various sites. To do this, you need to fully study the interests of our audience, correctly configure advertising parameters and have a small budget.

If you plan to cooperate with us, publish a review, or you have other proposals for cooperation, be sure to write us!